Noah John Rondeau's Adirondack Wilderness Days Noah John Rondeau's
Adirondack Wilderness Days

By William J. O'Hern

While living far from civilization at "Cold River City-Population one," Noah John Rondeau, the original Adirondack Hermit, wrote daily diary entries to document his experience. To conceal incriminating information from "snooping game protectors" he developed an enigmatic code that was said to resemble the "footprints of an inebriated hen." In 1946, Rondeau wrote his entire journal in code, making it the most mysterious of all. Attempts to break the code all ended in failure until David Greene discovered a key and shared his findings with author William J. O'Hern.

Noah John Rondeau's Adirondack Wilderness Days - A Year with the Hermit of Cold River Flow, tells the story of how the code was broken and then reveals the real story of a fun-loving hermit thriving in the wilderness. In addition to Rondeau's decoded journal entries, letters, photographs and reminiscences from friends who visited him complete the story of the misunderstood recluse.

A Sample of Noah's Code
A sample of Noah's code.

Why did Noah create the code? What secrets does it contain? Learn the answers in Noah John Rondeau's Adirondack Wilderness Days.

Features over 135 vintage photographs and illustrations.

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Noah John Rondeau's Adirondack Wilderness Days
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Hard Cover:

Noah John Rondeau Cooking
Rondeau moved to the high peaks section of the Adirondacks around 1913 and lived there for more than 30 years

Beauty Parlor
Despite his run-ins with the law Rondeau managed to acquire hundreds of friends. Photographs Courtesy of Adolph Dittmar

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